The Spa at Plaza Cortez


All facials treatments will receive a professional skin analysis and consultation for the best in-spa and home treatment plan.

De-Stress Facial                   

$65         50 minutes

Europeon facial that takes you in a state of serenity...

Includes: Purifying steam cleansing, exfoliation, therapeutic face and neck massage,  personalized mask and protective moisturizer

Benefits: Reveals a younger looking healthy skin.


Purifying De-Stress Facial     $75     60 minutes

Combines the above facial treatment and more…

Includes: Extractions and/or other modalities specific to your skin type and needs

Benefits:  A visible and lasting effect on all skin types


Metro Men’s Facial 

      $75      60 Minutes           

This facial for men meets his skin care needs and destressing

Includes: Purifying steam cleansing, therapeutic massage, extractions, mask and protective moisturizer.

Benefits: Detoxifying and distressing

The Eye Zone                        $30         20 minutes

An anti-wrinkle, anti-circle, anti-bags, smoothing, decongestive treatment for your eyes... 

Includes: Cleansing, soft exfoliating, relaxing anti aging eye massage, eye mask and smoothing serum

Benefits: Soothes congested puffy eyelids and smoothes the eye contour, and leave you feeling relaxed and fresh


$75        60 Minute

A treatment specifically for cleansing and beautifying the back

Includes: Purifying steam cleansing, extractions, exfoliating, then a mask and a protective cream or gel 

Benefits: A fresh clean and healthy skin on the back.    

Hydrating Facial

$75          60 Minutes           

A treatment for dehydrated skin, which cracks, flakes and allows the formation of fine lines.

Includes: Cleansing, exfoliating, therapeutic massage with precious oils and creams, followed by a penetrating serum, a nourishing mask and a protective cream or gel 

Benefits: Hydration of superficial layers of the epidermis


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